Touched from future, shaped from past

Touched from future, shaped from past

27 staff + family

4 stars

2013 d.prize "international price for hotel interieur design"
2015 Design price „Premio internazionale di architettura e design“
2015 Award „South Tyrol Historic Hospitality Business of the Year 2016“

Number of rooms & suites

A little mountain village from the 11th century with around 860 inhabitants. Narrow streets, old stairs and beautiful frescoes give the village his own historic flair. The monastery “Marienberg” slightly above and the castle “Fürstenburg” at the southern end of the village make the idyllic perfect. Burgusio is located in the upper Venosta Valley at 1.260 meters above sea level in the triangle Italy, Austria and Switzerland.

By the way
In one year we walk around 38.000 kilometers for our guests, give them at least 900.000 smiles, open 5.000 bottles of our delicious South Tyrolean wine and we possessed of 700 hangers.