We connect three buildings to a unique experience.
Mansion zum Löwen
The Mansion zum Löwen is a window onto the past. Whole 800 years.
Parental house
6 Generations of Weisses Kreuz in Burgeis. It is our history that shapes our future.
New construction
Historical structures and bold dreams of the future. Clean lines and alpine cosiness.
“Feel welcome, like home and enjoy your precious stay.“
– Family Theiner


Our guests’ satisfaction is the greatest recognition we can receive for the work we do. Nonetheless we are also grateful to receive prestigious prizes and awards.
"international price for hotel interieur design"
Design price
„Premio internazionale di architettura e design“
„South Tyrol Historic Hospitality Business of the Year 2016“

since 1871.

Future touches history
No one is quite certain any more how long the Weisses Kreuz in Burgeis has been around. It reflects its rich history and the moving stories it has played host to

The Hotel Weisses Kreuz is in a land that marches to the beat of a different drum. Quieter, calmer.

You’ll need to look elsewhere if you want dazzling spectacles and flashy entertainment. We have other priorities: Pure relaxation. Heartfelt hospitality. Fine food and drink. The experience of nature. Zest for life. For decades, our hotel has been synonymous with relaxing holidays in South Tyrol. A refuge for anyone looking for a truly unique hotel in South Tyrol. The Hotel Weisses Kreuz and the Mansion zum Löwen exude history. You’ll find traces of history everywhere you look: Ancient Roman roads, gothic parlours and Renaissance-era rooms. A one-of-a-kind place, looked after with care, devotion and dedication. 

„Our wine cellar holds many secrets!“
– Mara Theiner