Honestly produced food, regional specialities and handmade delights.

Wagyu beef burgusio

Because the best is just good enough. Our own Wagyu cattles are doing great all year round: they spend the summer on the lush mountain meadows of Burgeis and the winter in the free-range barn - and this is also noticeable in the meat! Incomparably tender, soft as butter and with a nutty note, a true delight. True to the principle "from nose to tail", we use the whole animal and like to incorporate it into our menus.


Our wonderful bread comes from Jörgls Backstube. In this traditional bakery only South Tyrolean organic cereals are used and the sourdough for the bread is self-made. Naturally they abstain from using artificial additives. Jörgl kneads every bread by hand. And you can taste the difference that makes.

Goat cheese

No less exquisite are the specialities of the Matscher Bergziege (Mountain Goat) “Ziegen im Winkl”. Anita and Christoph operate a small and fine manufactory for goat cheese and goat curd in the mountain village of Matsch in Upper Venosta. The “happy goats”, as the two call their animals, enjoy a free, species-appropriate life on the sunny Alpine pastures.

Alpine dairy of Burgeis

The farmers of Burgeis know every animal by name. Fresh spring water from the mountains, lush grassland and centuries-old traditions are the formula for success of the dairy in Burgeis. The excellent dairy produce is from small scale farmers of the village. Twice a day the farmers transport their milk personally to the dairy. There, aromatic cheeses, suitable for slicing, delicious Burgeis’ butter and real specialities like truffle- or chili cheeses are produced. 


The father of our chef-de-cuisine Marc has really busy pets. His bees swarm throughout the summer months over meadows and woods along the brookside of the Etsch and busily collect precious flower pollen. The honey, glowing in deep gold, makes its way onto our breakfast table still in its honeycomb – a delicious speciality in its truly natural state.


Speck (traditional South Tyrolean bacon) is family business as well. Eventually it is the key skill of our South Tyrolean indulgence culture. We are convinced that the Speck shall carry the taste of tradition and mountains. To make sure that the Speck is exactly as tender, sappy and spicy as we love it, we produce it ourselves. The meat of our own Alpine pigs is seasoned according to an old family recipe and smoked in our traditional “Selchkuchl” (smokehouse). Only after maturing for an especially long time in the stone cellar of an old farm house in Burgeis, we serve our Speck.


Josef Gander's heart beats for coffee - you can tell right away. But you can taste it even more in his delicious "Kuntrawant" coffee bar at Prato allo Stelvio. Derived from the Italian contrabbando - that's what the people of Vinschgau used to call the guys who smuggled coffee across the border at night and in fog. Today the coffee is roasted legally and without long detours three times a week in small quantities. Guaranteed highest quality and freshness.

Apple juice

We get our apple juice from the farmer Josef Theiner from Burgusio. Josef is the proud owner of two ancient, huge apple trees in the Burgeiser "Kirchaonger" right next to the parish church. Only every two years the trees bear one of the oldest South Tyrolean apple varieties "Kolterer". The apple juice obtained from it is bottled exclusively for us.


We get our eggs from the young farmers Peter and Simon and their project "Obervinschger Wanderhenne". With their mobile chicken coop they wander from one meadow to the next and thus always offer their hens generous run, enough food and lots of fresh grass.