Architecture in South Tyrol

The Past’s Future

Historical structures and bold dreams of the future. Clean lines and alpine cosiness. These are just some of the apparent contradictions that we take great pleasure in overcoming in our Hotel in Venosta Valley. After all, it is our history that shapes our future. From an inn for travellers to a farmstead. From a village shop to a restaurant. Our hotel in Venosta Valley has been many things. The Weisses Kreuz underwent yet another metamorphosis in 2013. And today it is a perfect example of how accomplished architecture in South Tyrol can look. Timeless. Beautiful. The architectural team Marx/Ladurner not only brought the Mansion zum Löwen into the present, they also meticulously renovated and expanded the Hotel Weisses Kreuz. The interior design matches our philosophy as hosts: Present without ever being intrusive. Linear, but cosy. Our hotel in Venosta Valley is a charming location for life’s special moments.