Our hotel in Burgeis

We and our team

The Theiner Family

We are inveterate hosts through and through. Passionate hoteliers. Real connoisseurs. The history of the Theiner family is inseparable from that of our hotel in Burgeis . We adore the Upper Venosta Valley region and its nature, and we appreciate good food and fine wines. We are inspired by historical buildings and modern architecture. We absolutely love what we do and are eager to welcome you personally to our hotel in Burgeis.

We are a really good team and everyone of us knows what the other can do better. Marc is a chef with all his heart and responsable of our kitchen team. You will find flavors of all over the world in his dishes. Mara is mostly around the restaurant but sometimes also at the reception. As a sommelier she will be happy to provide you with a wine recommendation. Together with her mother Marlene, they are the hosts at the Weisses Kreuz. Always present but never intrusive. Marlene is also a little mountain princess - she accompanies our guests on foot or by bike and gives particularly good mountain tips. Father Thomas prefers working behind the scenes, he is responsible for the whole house technic and the garden. Additional he's driving around our guest in our hotel own shuttle. His sister Beate is always ready to help wherever needed and her daughter Hannah is responsable for our reception. And as a member of the local council and the tourism board, brother Joachim acts as the Theiner family’s “foreign correspondent” of sorts. His wife Justa holds the reins at our delicatessen “Genuss am Platz” and the cosy village pub in the Mansion zum Löwen, and she has drawn attention to our spaces with her sense for stylish decor.

Our Team

Exceptional locations demand exceptional people. There are twenty-nine in our hotel in Burgeis.  Most of our valued employees have been with us now for years. There is always a place at the Weisses Kreuz for new blood and those just starting their careers. Come and treat yourself to a stay at our hotel in Burgeis. Our amiable hosts, ambitious culinary artists, flexible all-rounders and kind-hearted staff will spare no effort in making certain your stay with us is a pleasant one.

  • Friendly, competent and helpful - these are our ladies at the reception. After a short baby break, our reception manager Imelda has returned to the Weisse Kreuz. She is not only an organizational talent but also knows her way around the mountains. Our dear Hannah is part of the family and knows the Weisse Kreuz since childhood.


  • Young and dynamic presents itself our service team! Monika has been with us the longest and knows our regular guests for many years. At her side you will meet our warm Melanie, who scores with our guests not only with her charm but also with her professionalism. When it comes to wine, she is well on her way to becoming a sommelier. After a 13-year break, we have also brought our lovely Daniela back into the team, which makes us especially happy. Marina and Jessica are really two exceptionally warm young ladies. They inspire our guests with their attentive manner and delicate nature. Bartender Stefan will spoil you with one of his cocktail creations. He is supported by our creative head Sonia. Early in the morning you will meet our Karin, who will take care of all the breakfast delicacies. Our Laura may be the youngest, but she is already an integral part of the Weisses Kreuz team. New to the team is service manager Karin, as a sommelier she is happy to help you choose the right wine for dinner. Jennifer is responsible for our new gourmet restaurant Mamesa.

  • Aura mea – a whole world of well-being in our hotel in Burgeis. Our spa manager Magdalena and cosmeticians Miriam and Jasmin are experts in relaxation, wellness and beauty. Our sauna attendant Dietmar provides a proper steam session twice weekly.

  • Angelika, Monika, Eva, Fanni, Houda, Oxana and Biljana are our good fairies. They diligently and tirelessly ensure a thoroughly comfortable atmosphere in the rooms and suites in our hotel in Burgeis and in the Mansion zum Löwen.

  • Marc Bernhart and his ten-man brigade are responsible for the daily enjoyment. Together with sous chef Stefanie, he ensures a new taste experience every day. They are actively supported by Gardemanger Moritz and Thomas. Our dear Stefanie is responsible for meat and fish and Simon and Manuel take care of the perfect pasta. The patisserie is a woman's business, here our Elena enchants you daily with her sweet creations. She is supported by newcomer Jakob. In the new gourmet restaurant Mamesa you will find Patrick at the stove, who impresses with his knowledge of fermentation and products. Our breakfast chef Hansjörg is responsible for a particularly good start to the day and to ensure that everything is sparkling clean again at the end, our dishwasher Umesh is there for you.

  • Tanned and always in a good mood - that's our hiking guide Edl. The Burgeiser Urgestein is a walking alpine encyclopedia and feels weather changes in the bones. In winter, hiking guide Joachim or Günther will accompany you on snowshoes through the snowy Upper Vinschgau.

    As a sauna master, our dear Dominik will make you sweat profusely.

    Our yoga instructor Annalisa will take care of your inner well-being.

    Chef Marc's father Hansjörg provides our hotel in Burgeis with delicacies from our own production - from fresh alpine butter to forest honey.