Architecture in South Tyrol is always a case of leaving behind, leaving out and allowing certain things.
– Elke Ladurner

Out of the ordinary

A journey of discovery through the ages

The Mansion zum Löwen is a window onto the past, transported to the present day thanks to exposed concrete, glass and meticulous care. Our landmarked hotel features 9 exceptional suites, each unique in its own way. Something mysterious awaits you behind each door, every corner tells its own story. The Mansion zum Löwen is an historical accommodation in South Tyrol, looking for guests who are as special as it is. Here you’ll stay in princely Renaissance-style rooms and slumber under centuries-old, ornately carved wooden ceilings.

leave behind, leave out, allow certain things

In conversation

Architects Stefan Marx and Elke Ladurner have brought this 800-year-old group of buildings into the present. With great care, attention and respect. The Mansion zum Löwen is today a prime example of successful architecture in South Tyrol: old and new, the traditional and the modern, united in one harmonious whole.

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