Our insider tips for Upper Venosta Valley

Interesting places in and around your favourite hotel

There are places where time seems to stand still. You'll find a number of very special places awaiting you in and around our hotel in Burgeis :  The rippling Burgeiser village fountain and the imposing Benedictine Marienberg. Our sunny panoramic terrace overlooking the surrounding mountains. The delightful store at the Mansion um Löwen. While you're deciding which is your own personal favourite at the  Hotel in Burgeis, here are some other delightful places and our  insider tips for Upper Venosta Valley:

  • My favourite place is one of the small tables in the lobby area near the reception. For those who've just arrived, drop in and see what's going on at the bar – from there I can watch all the comings and goings in the Hotel in Burgeis. Sometimes I just sit and read just the newspaper and wonder where the time has gone. Because right there on the wall is a picture from the past: It shows my beloved Kurt and me in front of our old store. I've looked at that picture so many times, but I'm constantly finding something new. It's a beautiful reminder of good times.

    – Maria „Omi“ Theiner

  • I love nature, especially the mountains. If you want, I'd be glad to take you along on a walk! My favourite mountaintop is Piz Lad. Translated, that means something like "broad peak". From up there at 2,800 metres you can see almost the entire Venosta Valley, down into the Inn Valley and across to Switzerland. A little below the summit there’s a stone. If you put your hand exactly in the middle of this stone, you're touching Italy, Switzerland and Austria all at the same time. It's here where the three countries meet. It's an uplifting feeling! 

    – Marlene Theiner

  • Gather some wood, make a fire – my favourite place in the Hotel in Burgeis takes a little work. But it's worth it! After all, what could be better than sitting in front of our fireplace, perhaps while enjoying a nice glass of wine? I like the special warmth and the soothing flicker of the flames. Especially when it's snowing outside and thick snowflakes are flitting briskly through our small village street.

    – Thomas Theiner

  • Children coming home from school. A cyclist filling his water bottle at the fountain. An old farmer driving his cows out to pasture. Hikers waiting for the bus: There's always something to see at the village square in Burgeis. It's the centre; you might even call it the soul of our town. There you’ll find two hotels, a bar, two shops and the tourist information centre – it's a lively place!  It's what makes our village square my absolute favourite place: It connects our hotel Weisses Kreuz with the Mansion zum Löwen.

    – Mara Theiner