South Tyrolean wine

Our passion for South Tyrolean wine and noble vintages from around the world

We are a Vinum Hotel Alto Adige

This is due to our love for good food and fine wine, the credo among our Vinum colleagues.

Just as in our place, the Vinum Hotels are held by true wine lovers and connoisseurs and located in one of South Tyrol's wine-growing regions. A well-stocked wine list, the corresponding expertise of a certified sommelier and regular tastings await you in each and every member of Vinum Hotels.

Our wine list comprises around 500 labels and reflects the entire diversity of South Tyrol. You will also recognise our passion for italian red wine and german Rieslings. We love how our wine list is constantly adapting to new discoveries and lets forgotten vintages revive once they've come to perfect maturity.

The blue wineroom

Lots of space for fine wines and good friends. The word cellar does not do justice to our architectural masterpiece, we prefer to name it the blue wineroom. Home to vinological treasures just waiting to be discovered by you -  the place where we store the best from South Tyrol, many Italian wines and also the best of the big wide world!

Up to 14 people can be seated here in a stylish ambience.
Cheers to the good things in life!

Once a week we organise a wine tasting here and take you on a journey through the South Tyrolean wine world.

South Tyrolean wine has the flavour of pure zest for life

Lots of room for fine wines and good friends. Our new wine cellar is home to a number of wine treasures which are just waiting to be discovered by you. For example, at one of our wine tasting sessions with sommelier and host Thomas Theiner. We would also be happy to hold your celebration here. It offers a stylish atmosphere for up to 14 people. Cheers!

South Tyrol and wine – are these two things that simply belong together?
Thomas: Absolutely! South Tyrol is consummate wine country and has been steadily improving the quality of its wines in recent years. So there's absolutely no reason why South Tyrolean wine should shy away from taking its place on the international stage. Harvests and production levels are small compared to other regions in Italy, which is why local wines are not exported en masse. A relaxing holiday in Venosta Valley is made perfect with a fine glass of South Tyrolean wine !

How much importance is placed on wine at the Weisses Kreuz Hotel?
Mara: Wine is very important to us. My father immersed himself in the world of wine over twenty years ago, and it's owing to his passion that our cellars now also include a fine collection of older, mature wines. And each season we add new South Tyrolean wines and other fine vintages from across Italy to our selection. Which makes our wine list more interesting from year to year. Anyone who wishes to can top off their relaxing holidays with us in the Venosta Valley  by taking part in a wine tasting – which are held once each week.

Does the Theiner family have a particular favourite of their own?
Thomas: I've always had a special passion for the Pinot Noir and wines from Piedmont – in other words, Barolo and Barbaresco.
Mara: I find South Tyrolean wine quite intriguing and complex – but I enjoy the Piedmont as well.

What are the strengths of  South Tyrolean wine?
Mara: The greatest strength of South Tyrolean wine is probably its variety. Whether it's in terms of cultivation, the varieties of grapes or the climatic conditions. Here in Burgeis, just below the Marienberg monastery, at 1350 metres elevation, is where you'll find the highest vineyard in Europe. This wine has a very different character than South Tyrolean wine,which grows at 200 metres above sea level. Whether it's fresh, acidic white wines, rich, creamy Chardonnays and Sauvignons, or light Vernatsch and deep red Lagrein, South Tyrolean wines offer something for everybody.

What is the most beautiful spot at the Weisser Kreuz to enjoy a glass of wine?
Thomas: During the summer, I'd recommend enjoying a cool Pinot Blanc out on our panoramic terrace. And in winter, our guests can make themselves comfortable by the fireplace with a nice glass of red wine.

What sort of special treasures do you keep in the cellar?
Mara: That's something only my father would know for sure (laughs). Some time ago, a Chateaux Le Pin 1987 from Bordeaux and a bottle of 1990 Barolo Bussia Prunotto came into my possession. More recently, I came across a Barolo Bric del Fiasc 1997 from Paolo Scavino. Our wine cellar holds many secrets!