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Fine Dining in the Venosta Valley

Six tables. Five senses. Countless flavours, textures and surprising interpretations. Welcome to Mamesa. The gourmet restaurant in one of the most beautiful spots of the South Tyrolean Venosta Valley opened in 2022. It is a temple of indulgence for gourmets. The home of fragrances and flavours. A meeting point, blending everything we love. You can look forward to a rendezvous with excellent locally-sourced produce, a selection of fine wines and the refreshing, modern cuisine of Marc Bernhart. We are cooking just the way we are thinking. With our roots in the region and our minds open for the rest of the world. We set the stage for GLOCALITY – think global, act local. As excellence cannot be found just around the corner, but definitely in very special places. Just like our mamesa. Welcome to a fascinating ambience. A comfortable setting radiating with Alpine elegance.

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Rooted in South Tyrol
with cosmopolitan flair.
Welcome to Mamesa.

The table – in Italian ‘mesa’ – has always been a place that connects. People. Cultures. Tastes. In a place where the Rhaeto-Romanic history is still reflected in many details, we have launched a place of good taste. Where culinary traditions of the South Tyrol blend with artisan creations of internationally inspired cuisine. The name of our restaurant reflects our philosophy. With the first letters his name, Marc and the Rhaeto-Romanic word for table, our Mamesa is a gourmet restaurant with character. We serve what we love most. Excellent produce of our home country. Delicious fine dining varieties. Honest dishes with a modern urban twist.

Anticipation of exceptional culinary highlights from the Venosta Valley.

Because the best is just good enough: precious wagyu beef from our own cattles in Burgusio in Val Venosta.
The mountain’s essence: cheese specialities from the Venosta Valley and fine speck (bacon) from our own pigs.
Happiness in a glass: We reflect on our roots. We create complex flavours through centuries-old fermentation. From ancient venosta grains, our own meat products and local vegetables.
Combining classic craftsmanship with new techniques is the signature of our patissier Kay Baumgardt. Fermenting, pickling and working with the natural sweetness of products are the tools he uses to create his desserts.
Celebrate: a place to stay. Enjoy exclusive parties and events. With family & friends. We love to host up to 25 people.
Fine dining with
Mara & Marc