The history

The Weisses Kreuz in Burgeis – a hotel steeped in history and stories

No one is quite certain any more how long the Weisses Kreuz in Burgeis has been around. Whether a village store, inn or family-run hotel – our building has always been a place where people meet and feel welcome. The Weisses Kreuz in Burgeis reflects its rich history and the moving stories it has played host to. These stories involve shrewd traveling merchants, great love, upsetting loss and brave young women. The history of the building cannot be separated from the history of the Theiner family. The past meets the future in our traditional family-run hotel. A holiday in the Venosta Valley region always involves something of a step back in time – without ever leaving the comforts of our contemporary world. Would you care to accompany us as we take a walk down memory lane?