The changing face of our design hotel.

We have renovated for you

More room for relaxation. More space for indulgence. More of the Weisses Kreuz-feeling than ever before.

Weisses Kreuz is breathing history. Every corner, every detail is telling a story of its own. The house reflects its century-long history, shaped by people that have always been ahead of the times. 2022 we will be turning over a new leaf and can’t wait that you fill it with life. In the coming months our dream will come true. Our wishes will become reality. We will add another dimension of well-being to our house. The historic building will cautiously be renovated with love for the detail. To provide for magnificent views and a feeling of infinity. For exquisite spaces and pure indulgence. For you. Anticipate what you have never seen before. Let us surprise you. Inspire you. Touch you. Join us on our journey and find out what highlights are created at Weisses Kreuz in 2022:

  • Feel infinity. Become one. Bonding with the wonderful landscape and the majestic mountain scenery of South Tyrol. We set the stage for your most beautiful daydreams and give you space to relax. For example, in our lovely hotel garden, which we are currently expanding to give you new panoramic views. Our indoor pool will be transformed into a light-flooded winter garden with panoramic glazing. The new relax room with cosy loungers already is our secret hideaway and favourite spot. The heart of first rebuilding phase is a new 20-metre infinity pool. Caressing you with floating experiences and incomparable views of the mountains and the village.

  • Pushing your own limits. Finding inner peace. Staying fit and active. Simply kicking back. Whatever you are looking for, find it in our new puristic yoga and meditation room. We provide space for maximizing your mental and physical fitness. In the new light-flooded gym you will find state-of-the-art machines for your cardio, strength or bodyweight workouts. Furthermore, we enhance your experience with our new Spa Suite Vitea, featuring hot tub, private sauna, south-facing loggia with panoramic view, large bed, rain shower and more wonderful details on 75 square metres. A highlight for all of you, who dream of unforgettable memories.

  • Indulgence does not end on the edge of your plate. We are sure, culinary creations taste best savoured in style. Flavourful combinations are celebrated in a relaxed yet refined ambience. We make our wish come true and give the culinary delights of Marc a new home. On 28th June 2022 we opened our new gourmet restaurant.

    It has become a culinary gem, another architectural treasure of our house, which fits naturally and harmoniously into the ensemble of the White Cross with its unique construction, a breathtaking panoramic view. What you can expect in our new restaurant? First of all, Marc's multi-course tasting menus, which always combine surprisingly innovative regional ingredients, Mediterranean flavors and a touch of Asia to create a taste experience.

    The ambience is also a delight: an open design and spacious interior create a timelessly elegant flair. Our gourmet restaurant will also be accessible to guests who are not staying with us.

    But that was not all. We have redesigned the dining area for our house guests and we are sure you will love the airy interior and the view of the new courtyard lounge. Our terrasse got bigger, too. The view even more unobstructed. We can't wait to share our happiness with you. Because next to love, joy is one of the few things in life that doubles when shared.